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Covid-19 Policy

Your safety and health is of utmost importance to us, as is the safety and health of our coaches, family friends and further society.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, or if anyone you’ve been in close contact with is showing symptoms, please contact us immediately and we will postpone your booking to a later date at no cost to you. If we need to postpone your booking due to any COVID-19 restrictions that may come into place, you will be offered a change of date, or, are entitled to a full refund.

Please note, this new refund policy comes into place from 22nd of June 2020 and is valid for any cancellations by FMMTB due to COVID-19.

If a course is cancelled due to any other event out-with our control, such as adverse weather conditions, or natural disasters, our standard refund policy comes into action.

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Our MTB Skills Courses

Find a course that best matches what you would like to improve on. Each mountain bike course covers a wide range of techniques.

If you want to work on something more specific or need different timings or locations then check out our custom coaching option and let us know what you are looking for.


Winter sessions

FMMTB winter sessions are a blast of information, looking at quick changes you can make to your riding technique such as cornering, jumping, drop offs and enduro trails. Making sure you are practicing the right things through the winter months.

These sessions are aimed at specific trail features and techniques. Come along, have a blast and learn lots!


Aimed at riders who are comfortable on red trails and exploring natural/off-piste ‘enduro’ trails that are looking really up their riding game. Full-on winter coaching programme.


Build from basics

Whether you just started riding bikes or have years of experience, taking it back to the basics is always beneficial.

Nailing good body position on the bike combined with fundamental key movements is vital before moving onto more advanced technical skills.

Every technique in mountain biking requires the basics to be there first.

Corner like a champ

Cornering is often overlooked or misunderstood in mountain biking. A technique that when broken down becomes very technical with lots of points to perfect.

In our opinion there is no better feeling than railing a berm or finding all that grip carrying speed around flat turns. Aimed at red route or more advanced riders. Cornering technique when mastered is very rewarding and one of our favourites to coach!

Neutralising trail and creating speed

When we say “neutralising the trail”, we mean taming trail features to bring time and control to your riding. Once mastered, you will feel more confident and comfortable. From here is where you start to go faster again – and then repeat the same process.

Trail feature such as drops, rollers, jumps, rock gardens and steps can be neutralised through body movement allowing you to feel like you are the boss of the trail! 

Body movement is also key to creating speed. Learn to generate speed through utilising the terrain and using downslopes to gain speed – known in the MTB world as “pumping for speed”. Who doesn’t want to go faster without pedalling?



Is one of the most rewarding feelings in mountain biking, once mastered! It can also be one of the most daunting when you are riding up to the take off.

With a gradual build-up of jumps, some pro advice to boost confidence anyone can learn to send it!

Finding grip in tech terrain

We have all been there, looking down that section of trail thinking “how the heck?!”. The kind of trail with roots, rocks, ruts and a slice of steep gradient thrown in just to mess with your head.

With some clever line choice, advice on approach and applied technique – these sections soon become less severe looking and will allow you to conquer that scary trail!

Custom Coaching

If you know what you need to work on or have a few things you would like to brush up on, that’s not a problem.

Custom coaching days can be tailored to suit you and available times.